Salomon Langermann
Auguste Guggenheimer Langermann 
young Charlotte Langermann 
Young Joseph Thannhauser
Charlotte in a bustle 
Charlotte Langermann Thannhauser
  • Solomon Loeb Langerman (b: 6/13/1820 d: 5/19/1877) (son of Solomon Loeb Langerman married Auguste Guggenheimer (b: 10/17/1822 Regensburg; d: Floss). He was denied residency in Floss and moved to Nuremberg where he had a glass works. They had ten children:
    • Fredericka "Anna" Langermann (b: 12/20/1850) married Max Erlanger 3/15/1873 Their son, Justin, married twice. With his first wife, Lina Kirschbaum, they had a son Herbert (d: 1992 NY). He also married Ella Kirschbaum, and they had two boys, Henry and Conell.
    • Julius Langermann (b: 12/13/1853)
    • Berthe Langermann (b: 10/23/1855 d: 8/28/1872)
    • Emil Langermann (b: 5/30/1857 d: 8/27/1860)
    • Max Langermann(b: 3/13/1859) married Alice. He went to South Africa and was one of the important men in Johannesburg. He helped found the first synaogue there, and was a member of the City Council. Langerman Drive in the suburb of Kensington, which he founded in 1897, was named after him.
    • Rosa Langermann(b: 2/6/1861 d: 5/27/1865)
    • Charlotte Langermann(b: 3/3/1963 d: 11/21/1933, Munich) married Joseph Solomon Thannhauser on 8/16/1884.
    • Carolina Langermann(b: 7/6/1865 d: 6/26/1942) married Albert Thannhauser on 12/26/1887 in Nuremberg
    • Jakob Langermann(b:11/14/1866) went to South Africa, lost all his money in a card game and committed suicide (official version was a hunting accident). He was the father of Fred Langerman, born in South Africa, and adopted by his Uncle Max.
    • Isidor Langermann(b: 9/11/1868 d: 1911 On a ship out of Madras, India , possibly of appendicitis) He was friendly with Mdm Curie and had been looking for uranium?
    • Isaak Langerman (b: 7/1/1821 d: 4/29/1867) married Jette Hönigsberger (b: 2/14/1825 Floss m: 6/27/1855 d: 4/4/1867). They had six children:
      • Wolf Langermann (b: February 17, 1823)
      • Fradel Langermann (b: May 19, 1824)
      • Moses Langermann (b: November 29, 1830)
      • Rivka Langermann (b: October 23, 1831 d: September 25, 1891) married Aron Bomeisler (b: August 05, 1812 August 26, 1898 in Furth) They had five children.
    • Zacharias Bar Langermann (b: April 1793 d: January 14, 1864) married Rachel Schwarz of Floss.
    • Gabriel Langermann (b: 1797 d: February 19, 1857) moved to Sulzbach

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