We know that Christian Munsen went out to Minnesota and stayed somewhat in touch with the family. This picture was found in a photo album belonging to L.S. Munson which mainly had Lee family photos so we were initially confused as to who it was until we compared it to the photo of all the Monsens on the Monsen page.


Research at ancestry.com found the following.

Christian Munsen got his divinity degree at Trinity College in Brooklyn and was pastor of the Norwegian Lutheran Memorial Church in Minneapolis (which still holds its services in Norwegian).

His first wife died in 1903. He had 4 kids with her two sons (Lewis, Christian) and two daughters (Anna, Martha).

The records stop there.

He didn't have kids with his second wife, Nina.

There's record of him speaking at a funeral in Minneapolis in 1928.

In 1940, he was living in South Dakota, but still maintained a primary residence in Minneapolis...

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