There is a mild form of blue/green color blindness in the WOLD family that seems to be the type known as Tritanomaly or perhaps it is just a reduced color perception caused by a mutation affecting the S-cones. Characteristically those in our family that have it, have trouble telling blue and green apart; also certain shades of purple appear tan to them.

Here is more about it:
And ​​a test you can take to see if you have it
(see bottom of page to compare results)

The inheritance in our family follows a classic sex-linked pattern so this is not the form of tritanopia on chromosome 7. That is to say it appears to be recessive on the X so the green men got it (one X) while dark green women carry it (2 Xs). The people in gray are unknown while those in black either do not have it or have no progeny or no progeny carrying it.

So far the location on the X based on 3 family members who have it, versus 5 or more that do not, is between base pairs at 14M and 21M. As I narrow this down more I will list the possible genes involved.

On the test, some of our family group have trouble with the grids where you have to say what the color is: questions 4,8,12,16,20,24,28. Others see nothing in 6 and 17 (green deficient). So email me the ones you got wrong and what it says about that. Thanks!

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