Descendants of Baruch Loeb Thannhauser

Baruch Loeb Thannhauser married Hanna and lived in Moenchsdeggingen, Bavaria. They had eleven children, we know of the descendants of two:
Abraham married three times:
  • Henriette Engel (m: 11/19/1854 b: 8/29/1821 d: 12/31/1856)
  • Abraham and Josepha had two sons that survived,
    • Stephan? b: 3/5/1858 d: 4/17/1858
    • Julius b: 2/5/1860 d: 10/28/1921
    • Albert (b: 6/18/1861; d: 1/23/1915) married Lina Langerman (b: 7/06/1865; m: 12/26/1887 d: 6/26/1942). They had two daughters:
      • Josephine, who died en route to Auschwitz in 1942
      • Bella married Franz Wirtz. Their daughter, Alisa ("Fitzi") lives in Israel, married Zwi Werblowsky, and had five children and many many grandchildren. Look in the database for their names
  • Nannette Levi (b: 3/18/1826 d: 10/9/1894 Munich)
Sarah d: 4/2/1832
Feil d: 8/18/1837