Ottar Skjold, John Quinn, Jarle SkjoldIn 2010 cousin John Quinn, grandson of Henry Martin Lee visited the Skjold farm and family in Etne, Norway. The farm Skjold is no longer in the family but the shephard's hut in the mountains still is. The photo on the left from that visit shows Ottar Skjold, John Quinn, and Jarle Skjold (son of Ottar). Ottar is the son of Severin, son of Odd, son of Amund Skjold who was the oldest brother to the Annas and HH Lee. Thus Ottar is the third cousin of Kitty and John and their generation of Lee descendants. Cousin Jarle found this family history web site when surfing the web and got in touch with me and so we found each other again!

These days our Norwegian cousins work in Stavanger or Bergen and the hut is a vacation home for them. Jarle sent links to some lovely photo montages of the mountains around that hut which are available at Utube:

Jarle said these are "showing some very beautiful trips up from the valley where the Skjold farm is located up in the mountains close to our shepherd's hut (well it was use as a shepherd's hut in the old days, build in 1776 but now we just use it for in the mountains trip and relaxations)."

Ottar Skjold, John Quinn, Einar Skjold (son of Ottar), Jarle Skjold (son of Ottar)

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