Olava was the oldest child and she stayed in Norway. A number of her descendants live in Mjøndalen near Drammen today; family names Dalen, Ryghseter, Rhodén, Stubberud, Hvidsten ...


translated from Folk og fàr, by Skoger historielag. Plass 49 - Rønnehue:

Olava was married to a craftsman who made things from brass - Ole Johansen. They came from Rebbansbakken in Drammen, and lived for some time at Vestmannsbråtan in Konnerud (Skoger), thereafter some time at Heia, where Ole died. Olava settled at Rønnehue in the end of the 1870. In the summer she worked as a dairy maid, and kept  cows from other people, in the summer pasture.   Otherwise she and the children chopped wood (for fire) and dragged it places where they collected wood.

It is told that Olava was fit/vigorous, and it came in good use

A daughter of hers, Anna, when widowed, went to America and kept house for her uncle-in-law whom she later married. See http://kittymunson.com/index.php?page=stubby

Olava's mother Anna is listed as spending her last days at Rønnehue

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