Pat Durgin

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Patricia A. Durgin

2721 Dallas N.E.

Albuquerque, New Mexico 87110

(505) 884 4743

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    Studied with Farioletti & Kefauver, Wash, D.C

    Critiqued by Wilson Hurley, Albuquerque,. N.M.


    Children's Classes, Athens, Greece

    State Fair Gallery & Studio, 1979 to present


    Nor Este Art Assn, Albuq, N.M.

    Sierra Art Society, T or C, N.M.

    Wagon Wheel Gap, Creede, Co.

    Russells Gallery, Albuq., N.M.

    Bardeans Gallery, Albuq., N.M.


    Selected Exhbitions and Festivals - juried

        Nm State Fair, Albuq, N.M.

        NM Arts & Crafts Fair, Albuq., N.M.

        Rio Grande Art Festival, Albuq., N.M.

        Weems Artfest, Albuq., N.M.

        Carlsbad Arts & Crafts Annual, Carlsbad, N.M.

        N.M. Art League, Albuq., N.M.

        Hotchkiss Fine Arts Black Canyon

                Painters Parade (Nat'l), Co.

        National Small Painting Exhibition, Albuq., N.M.

        Pikes Peak Nat'l Art Show, Co.

        Montrose Artists' Guild, Co

        La Junta National Show, Co

        Lake Powell Assn. Annual, Ariz.

        Fall Festival of Art, Ok.

        Midland-Odessa Art Feista, Tx.

        Kerrmazar, El Paso, Tx.

        Magnifico, Albuq., N.M.

        Impressionaire Invitational,

                La Quinta Arts Foundation, Ca.

        SW Arts & Crafts Festival, Albuq., N.M.

Gallery shows - One Artist Exhibitions

        Four Hills Country Club, Albuq., N.M.

        State Fair Fine Arts Gallery, Albuq., N.M..

        La Placita Gallery, Albuq., N.M.

        Painted Parrot Art Gallery, Albuq., N.M.

        First National Bank Gallery, Albuq., N.M.

        Little Theater Gallery, Albuq., N.M.

        Gallop Gallery, Gallop, N.M.

        Cornwell's Gallery of Fine Art, Los Alamos, N.M.

        Andrews Gallery, Los Alamos, N.M.

        Lovelace Medical Center Gallery, Albuq., N.M

        Rancho De Corrales, Corrales, N.M.

        Lobo Arts Theater, Albuq., N.M.

        Haut's Fine Art Gallery, Roswell, N.M.

        Truth or Consequences Museum, T or C, N.M.

        Wagon Wheel Gap Gallery, Creede, Co.

        New Mexico Art League, Albuq., N.M.

        Russell's Gallery, Albuq., N.M.

        Bardean's Gallery, Albuq., N.M.


        1972 - 2nd Place, Pikes Peak Nat'l

        1974 - 1st Place, Pastels, NM State Fair

        1975 - 1st Place, Montrose Artists Guild

        1975 - Purchase Award, Hotchkiss, Nat'l

        1976 - 1st Place, La Juanta Nat'l

        1976 - 2nd Place Fall Festival, Ok.

        1977 - Public Choice & Best of Category,

                   Lake Powell, Az.

        1978 - 1st Place, Hotchkiss Nat'l

        1978 - 2nd Place, Carlsbad Arts & Crafts,N.M.

        1979 - Sweepstakes Award, Hotchkiss , Nat'l

        1989 - 2nd Place, Oils, Hotchkiss Nat'l

        1989 - Purchase Award, NM Arts & Crafts Fair

        1992 - Purchase Award, NM Arts & Crafts Fair

        1996 - Purchase Award, NM Arts & Crafts Fair

        1997 - Most Popular Award,

                   NM State Fair Professional Art Exhibit

        1999 - Purchase Award, NM Arts & Crafts Fair

        2004 - Patrons Award, Rio Grande Art Assn Exhibit

        2004 - Front & Back cover paintings for "Out & About " Magazine

        2004 - Final 200, National Parks Contest

        2014 - First Place Oils, Master Works. Albuquerque, NM

SW Winter View

Upper Balcony Window


Los Alamos Garden

Paintings by Pat Durgin are a reflection of her world as she would like to perceive it. They offer just a bit of romance - an idealistic view of reality. Her technique of handling this medium is one of delicacy that is constantly be honed and perfected. Colors are blended and synchronized into harmonious and believable renditions with values increased or softened to provide a sensuous touch. The subject matter, unlimited in scope, presented with atmospheric as well as linear perspective, combine to form an appealing piece of art realistic yet conveying the artist's impression and personal translation .


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