The Langermann family came from Floss, Bavaria from where members moved to Munich, Nuremburg,and Fuerth in Germany; Johannesburg in South Africa; London, England and San Francisco and New York in the USA. This page discusses their Floss origins. See the page on Floss for more about that jewish community.

The Commission of the Greater Main River Area requested all the Jews from Floss to appear for a meeting on April 26, 1814....The others, known by their first and/or father’s names, took on German family names.

Our family was given the name Langerman presumably because they were so tall

Joel Löw Langermann b 1760 (originally Joel Löw Bessel) married Rifka (b: Abt. 1757 m: 1789 d: October 24, 1840), and they had four children:

Loeb Langermann portrait Löw Joel Langermann 
Semele Steinhardt Langermann portrait 
Semele Steinhardt 
  • Esther Bessel (b: 1788 d: March 19, 1847) married Samuel Aron Englaender
  • Löw Joel Langermann, a trader and manufacturer of glass, who owned a mirror factory in the Murnthal valley along with the Bruders Steinhardt, (b: 1790 d: June 22, 1875) married Semele Steinhardt , daughter of Isaak Steinhardt. They had six children:
    • Lea Langermann (b: 11/14/1817)(no further record after her birth record and no mention in the book on Floss, so probably died soon after birth)
    • Solomon Loeb Langerman  (b: 6/13/1820 d: 5/19/1877) married Auguste Guggenheimer (b: 10/17/1822 Regensburg; d: 1897, Nuernberg, Bavaria) . They had ten children (see Solomon Loeb Langerman family):
    • Isaak Langerman (b: 7/1/1821 d: 4/29/1867) married Jette Hönigsberger (b: 2/14/1825 Floss m: 6/27/1855 d: 4/4/1867) . They had six children.
    • William and Rosalia LangermannWolf Langermann (b: February 17, 1823 d: 1869 NYC) married Rosalia Lichtenheim of NYC. He emigrated to NYC then San Francisco where he was known as William Langerman (We have a portrait of him and his new wife that his descendants also have along with copies of the same portraits that we have of Semele and Loeb). His daughter Flora Speigelberg became a famous pioneer woman in Santa Fe, NM and writer of children's books.
    • Fradel Langermann (b: May 19, 1824)
    • Moses Langermann (b: November 29, 1830 m: June 25, 1855 d: May 25, 1912 Nuernberg) married Nathalie Obermaier
    • Rivka Langermann (b: October 23, 1831 d: September 25, 1891) married Aron Bomeisler (b: August 05, 1812 Floss d: August 26, 1898 in Fürth ) They moved to Fürth and had seven children. Their son Karl emigrated to NYC and met the boat when the Thannhausers emigrated.  We are in touch with some of his descendants.
  • Zacharias Bar Langermann (b: April 1793 d: January 14, 1864) married Rachel Schwarz of Floss. He inherited his father's concession for the manufacture of Rosoglio in Floss.
  • Gabriel Langermann (b: 1797 d: February 19, 1857) moved to Sulzbach where he had the concession for the manufacture of Rosoglio.

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