May 1st—Wednesday

Had a nice time at Anna’s in the afternoon, Took some pictures and took a sad leave of the house whose doors have so often swung open for me, whose rooms were ever a place of warmth and sunshine, and whose apartments were graced with the living presence of my dear one. Took a glance at the upper window—alas, how often have my thoughts been centered on that little four-walled room, how often have I been there in my dreams. How many hours have the object of my love here spent.

My organ recital came off very successfully tonight. I believe I played well, and with confidence, Mrs. Wernschenk sang well, as usual.

May 5th—Sunday

Missed my church work today. Had a most heavenly time with my sweetheart this afternoon. Met her on Bay Ridge Ave. near 4th, as appointed, and had a good stroll down Bay Ridge Ave., and along Shore Road. We found a nice quiet place right near the water, where we sat down on the grass a while and where I took some pictures. Leaving here, we went home finding only the old folks there. We took supper and then went down to church where the Male Chorus sang. Good service.

May 12th—Sunday

Called early this afternoon at Lees’ new home, 42—3rd Place. Anna’s face which for some unknown reason was swollen up on one side, during the week, affecting the eye especially, was much better today, but not so that she could go out. Had planned to hear, with Anna, “The Redemption” at South Church, N.Y., but gave it up to stay at Lees’. Had a pleasant afternoon and in the evening went to church (Anna included) where Male Chorus sang at the consecration of some deaconesses. Confirmation in our church this morning. I had a quiet time with myself this forenoon, spending it in the little woods near our house, picking violets. Divided a bouquet between Mamma and Anna.

May 14th—Tuesday

Great party at Mrs. G, Hansen’s in honor of Louise’s confirmation. Very many good friends present, and a good time was had.

May 19th—Sunday

Anna and I heard “The Elijah” this afternoon at South Church, N.Y.

May 26th-Sunday

Heard and enjoyed Haydns “Creation” given at the South Church, Met Carl Tollefsen, who told me of his distasteful experience in waiting 45 minutes in vain, for a girl friend, It amused me immensely to hear his story of the day, without giving out my own, which was a perfect coincidence. I waited 45 minutes for Anna on Hamilton Ave. She had half promised to meet me. Learned later that her mother had been busy and that she therefore had deemed it best to stay and help her, so there was no reproach awaiting her from me.

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