Jan. 2Oth—Sunday

Male Chorus had a rehearsal at Mr, Lee’s house. We had a most lovely time. Anna and I attended service this evening at old Plymouth Church, B’klyn. Good time,


This has been a very busy month for me, Aside from my regular work at Emmanuel, my teaching, and private study and practice, has been the arduous labor of getting the choirs in shape for the concert on Feb. 21st.

Jan. 27th—Sunday

The Male Chorus met again for an extra rehearsal this afternoon at William Johanneson’s, 67th St. and 12th Ave. What taxes most of our efforts is the difficult Pilgrims’ Chorus from Wagner’s Tannhauser. It’s going to be all we can do to get that in shape in time.

Was to have gone, as usual, to some downtown church in the evening, but losing some time on the way, I decided to step in to my own 27th St. church, and meet and see home my good friend. I was delighted to see among the group of ladies on the platform, the dear face of her whom I adore. Did not get a chance to see her home, though, for not wanting to walk with her openly in the crowd of friends and acquaintances, I expected to meet her at the 25th St. station, but on arriving there, "the bird had taken flight”. And O how disappointed I felt.

Jan.29th —Tuesday

Have finally agreed with Anna to send her a letter occasionally. Sent the first today.

[Ed note: We have found his letters but not hers. We hope to post his here soon. Volunteers to transcribe them are most welcome]

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