Chromosome Mapper - Make a graphic chromosome map from a CSV of your ancestral segments

This program will make a web page chart of the 23 chromosomes from a CSV file with all the segments mapped for which you have indicated a MRCA
up to 10 individuals per side (maternal or paternal).
These are the colors that are used, they are assigned in the order in which your ancestors appear so you can control the colors by changing the order in your file.
  #0000FF #99ccff #00cc33 #008800 #aaffff #00aabb #003366 #00ffcc #9911bb #cc99ff
  #ff0000 #ff9955 #ffff99 #bb4466 #ffdd66 #660000 #ff99cc #FFE3F1 #ff66ff #cc33bb

Select the CSV file with data to plot

Check here if start and stops are decimal numbers (not the norm).

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If you want a title for your chromosome map, type it here

If you want to use a different heading for the person field instead of MRCA, like gg-grand, type it here

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INSTRUCTIONS         Click here for detailed documentation for this tool in a new window     Click here for an article on making an ancestor spreadsheet.

The input to this program needs to be a CSV such as an export from 23andme or Family Tree DNA or DNAgedcom. The column headings, in any order, on the first line of the file must be (N.B. case sensitive):   side, Chr, Start point, End point, cMs, MRCA, optionally most of the column names as provided in the downloads will also work. The side column is now optional. The first letter of "side," if you use it, must be a P or an M. "MRCA" should be a name. Rows without an MRCA will be ignored in the CSV.
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