This program will make a GEDCOM from a text file in ahnentafel format, such as one created by pasting the output of DNArboretum into text editor like notepad.

It expects the format to be number. name born: place, date died: place, date
... So use your text editor to change the born and died designators to "born:" and "died:" if you need to. It can manage without the period after the number.

Please do not PUBLISH any GEDCOM you generate without the permission of the person who prepared the ahnentafel.

Select the ahnentafel file with text data to convert

Choose File:

Check here if the start person is male


Check to add a backslash before each surname
(That way you will get a surname index in RootsMagic, MyHeritage, and Reunion, among others.)

The output GEDCOM file will be named for the first person in the file plus a time stamp and period ged

If you want a different file name, enter it here:

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Be sure the input file is in text format not a PDF or word file. Make sure the born and died information is preceeded by "born:" and "died:"
Programming is how I make my living so a small donation of $5 or $10 would be most appreciated, if you find this tool useful.
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