Salomon Langerman and his wife Auguste (nee Gugenheimer)

Salomon Löw Langermann
1820-1877 (57)

Auguste Gugenheimer
Langermann 1822-after 1896
Salomon was the oldest living son of Löb Joel Langermann. He outlived him by only a few years and they are buried just a few graves apart in the Floss, Bavaria Jewish cemetery. He was born in Floss, like his father before him, which was a small rural Jewish community well-tolerated by the local Christians. Most made their living trading. I have made a website honoring Floss, which includes a summary of its history.

The Floss book states that Salomon was denied residency in Floss in 1848, yet it also mentions that several years later he was the second Jew to have a home on the central square instead of in the Jewish section ("Judenberg"). Family lore is that they lived in Nürnberg for a while, which would make sense. He was a very successful merchant and the owner of glass and mirror factory in Nürnberg (also mentioned in the Floss book). Apparently there was a special process using the clear waters of the Floss. These fine mirrors were exported to the USA.

Little is known of his wife Auguste who was the youngest child of the wealthy Jacob Gugenheimer of Regensburg. There is no record of her death in Floss (which has records for the Jewish community starting aproximately 1867) or in the previously mentioned book. She is not listed as being buried with her husband in the Floss grave register created in the 1920s. She is not buried in the Regensburg Jewish cemetery. It is thought that she went to live with one of her children, Fredericka, who may have lived in Nuernberg. Auguste sold the family house (Nr. 40) on 23 Jan 1883 for 8571 Marks to Andreas Proels (presumably a Christian) according to the Floss book. Since there is a picture of her with her grandchildren she must have been alive in the mid 1890s.

Auguste and Salomon had ten children, including Charlotte (Lotte) and Karolina (Lina) who married the brothers Thannhauser and were the mothers of Siegfried and Bella.

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